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Practice Facilities and Equipment

Consultations throughout the day by appt.

24 Hour Emergency Service
Full diagnostic and Surgical facilities
Vaccinations and Neutering
At Home Consultations  and euthanasia

Separate Dog and Cat Wards

24 Hour Emergency Service

Outside Normal Surgery Hours our emergency cover is provided by Northside Emergency Veterinary Clinic Tel: 0121 360 6010 ,This is a dedicated Emergency Clinic located at Aldridge Road ,Great Barr adjacent to the ASDA roundabout.We are pleased  to be  a user partner , allowing our clients access to  this  convenient Emergency Service .

Dentistry is an ever-increasing part of our daily surgical load.
As our pets are living longer, teeth problems are becoming more frequent.
We have the same modern equipment at our Veterinary Centre as you dentist, Ultrasonic Scaler, Polisher, Air Drill.

X-rays are an essential tool in many diagnoses.
They are taken with a modern x-ray machine and the image processed on a Konica Minolta Digital CR Xray .We are the first practice in North Birmingham to process xrays digitally , with an image in under 60 seconds .This is the system used by Bristol Zoo, and Moorview Referall practice.
All the staff working within the X-ray controlled area are constantly monitored for radiation safety.


Seeing inside the body without looking inside! Much useful information can be obtained, and in conjunction with other diagnostic tools we can more accurately determine what is happening deep inside the body.

We purchased one that is the same as can found in NHS hospitals so that the level of investigation can be just as good as you would expect for yourself.

Furthermore with printing facility ,we can record and keep the investigation for later review.


We have a 5mm Endoscope which allows us to visualise most areas we need in Small Animal Practice

This is possibly the most difficult and stressful decision for a pet owner to make.
We give you as much guidance and help towards making this decision and sympathetically carry out euthanasia either at your home or at our surgery at a mutually convenient time.
Your pet may be buried at home, cremated or if you prefer you may have an individual cremation where your pet’s ashes are returned to you in an urn or casket.
Please telephone the surgery and we will discuss your pet’s individual requirements.

Orthopaedic Surgery We have an orthopaedic specalist who performs all our orthopaedic work. This means that your pet is given top class orthopaedic care , without having to travel to a referral centre

This tool is available as a non-invasive way of assessing your petâs heart.
The ECG is sent via a modem link to a specialist in veterinary cardiology .The specialist interprets the ECG combined with your pet;s history and reports his findings and recommendations within 24 hours.
We have an in house Automatic Biochemistry analyser ,with results available in 15 minutes.This is reasonably accurate and provides a quick answer to some diagnostic problems , eg, Liver /Kidney/Pancreatic/& Thyroid disease
We have a weekday  daily collection to a commercial laboratory with the results faxed back the same day,allowing us a more detailed investigation of some diseases /conditions.
We can test for Feline Leukaemia & Immunedeficiency dises in house.

Blood Pressure
Hypertension or high Blood pressure is very common in elderly cats, and can cause blindness
Early detection can allow prompt medication and retard this unfortunate problem.
We can check your catâ’s blood pressure, and combined with blood tests treat the condition accurately

At Home Consultations And Euthanasia

We believe in a home consultation service , and have provided this service since the establishment of the practice in 1987.

There are times when you  may wish to have your pet treated at home ,by your own vet , who will have all your pet’s medical history at hand,and will be familar to your pet.

At home consultations may be required where you are unable to get to the surgery , or you  wish not to distress your pet in transporting him/her to the surgery.