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newsletterThose extra few minutes of sunlight every day certainly make a great difference to the way everybody feels… Which should help us with our newsletter..

Vaccine for Life Plan

We are the first practice in Birmingham to offer a Vaccine for Life Plan to all Dogs and Cats for Just £99. If your dog or cat has completed its puppy or kitten course , or is due for a booster, you can avail of the Vaccine for Life Plan for just £99.

As an incentive if your pets Booster is due , we will include your pets First yearly Booster in the promotional price of £99

For Dogs, All major diseases are covered apart from Kennel Cough/Parainfluenza/rabies

For Cats, Flu/ Enteritis & Leukaemia

detail see Vaccine for Life Plan

Rory Lydon Nominated for Vet of the Year

Rory Lydon, principal, at Lydon Veterinary Centre has been nominated for 2011

The Petplan ‘Vet Of the Year ‘ Awards.
These are equivalent to the ‘Oscars’ .. so he is delighted that his talents have been recognised

Lydon Veterinary Practice has been nominated for Veterinary Practice Of The Year

Sharon Mosley has been nominated for Veterinary Support Staff of the Year Award

RCVS Practice Standards Scheme

Yesterday , 22/1/2013 ,we had our inspection by an RCVS inspector for the Practice Standards Scheme. He was impressed by the practice and remarked ” you get a feel for a practice within 5 minutes” and ours was very favourable .

This is a great reassurance to you  the pet owner , knowing that your pet is been cared for in a Practice that meets the standard of the RCVS.

NOT ALL practices are inspected by RCVS. It is a voluntary scheme run by the RCVS to assist the pet owning public in choosing a practice that meets certain criteria (in ours .. 90 pages of regulations to assure the pet owner that your pet is cared for properly)

About RCVS

The RCVS is the regulatory body for veterinary surgeons in the UK. Its role is:

To safeguard the health and welfare of animals committed to veterinary care through the regulation of the educational, ethical and clinical standards of the veterinary profession, thereby protecting the interests of those dependent on animals and assuring public health.

To act as an impartial source of informed opinion on animal health and welfare issues and their interaction with human health.

North Birmingham Cats Protection

Could you re-home a Kitten like this ?

We are the veterinary practice to the North Birmingham Branch of The Cats Protection  . All the cats they home are fully vaccinated , and at least one from a colony/ litter are tested for Feline Leukaemia AND Feline Immundeficiency Virus  before the kittens / cats are rehome , after a full veterinary check.

Some of these kittens come in as Fiery little fellows , but with the care , patience , and attention  they turn into every bodies dream kitten.

Please check their website for their latest arrivals

Their website http://www.northbirmingham.cats.org.uk/index.asp?m=hac

Perhaps you would like to give a kitten a home ?

Help With Lost Pets

Last week my in-laws lost their dog (luckily Found),and the whole experience allowed me to look at the crisis from an owners point of view ! Help

Lost Pet Action Plan

  • Contact your local vets and inform them
  • Contact the Night/Weekend Emergency Clinics
  • Contact your local Dog Warden  Birmingham 0121303 9900 – Great Barr/Walsall 01922652217
  • Contact the Dogs Home  0121 643 5211
  • Contact West Midlands Police 0845 113 5000
  • Contact Cats Protection 0121377 6302
  • Contact RSPCA 08705555999
  • If your Pet is Microchipped .. Do they have your latest mobile telephone Number?
  • Contact People near where your Pet is Lost , Leaflet drop/ poster / Newspaper article /Local radio Etc.

Use your Mobile No , one your out searching for your pet and people can contact you & Secondly odd people can use your home number if used in leaflet drops etc

Dog Neutering and Microchipping Promotion

If your pet is lost , its chances of being found are greater if it is microchipped!

Our Practice is offering Dog Owners FREE microchipping at the time of neutering , so a painless experience for you and your pooch!

Just ask the nurse when you are booking the operation
Our cats are not left out , we are offering reduced cost microchipping ,at neutering time for our pussy cats too ! (Just ask our Veterinary nurses to advise you)

Prescription Medicine for Pets

We are all aware that  our Doctor  will examine us prior to him prescribing medicine , and when we request a repeat prescription , he may allow us none/ one or several  repeat prescriptions , depending on the nature of the illness and the medicine involved .

Similarly, The laws relating to prescribing of veterinary  medicines(POM-V) are the same.

Some  medicines eg Routine wormers & flea control products we need to see the animal at least once a year .
All other medicines , the level of reassessment by our vets , and the number of repeat prescriptions are decided by the veterinary surgeon treating your pet. He/She decides the interval based on his /her clinical assessment of your pets condition.