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Talking your Boisterous Dog for A Walk

Sometimes it helps you maintain control of a very boisterous dog on walks by focusing their attention on you. This can be achieved by encouraging the dog to play games, keeping his or her mind off other people and dogs, or scents, which result in your dog disappearing off.

From a dog’s point of view, going for a walk, is actually going hunting for food. The following are suggestions for giving your dog exciting and stimulating games, which will hopefully allow you both to enjoy walks more, and which mimic hunting.

1. Hunt the toy. Choose a toy which is easily carried in the mouth such as a “raggy” toy, or a toy on a rope. This toy should only be available to the dog during training sessions and when out on a walk. We want this toy to become very exciting to your dog, so it is important that training sessions happen when he or she is hungry. Start by having short training sessions at home. Encourage your dog to take the toy in his or her mouth, then give a small treat (something really yummy like cheese or peperami) when the toy is dropped. Introduce a simple command such as “GIVE”, and repeat the exercise several times. Keep training sessions to about 5 minutes, and always put the toy away out of the dog’s reach at the end of the session. The toy should quickly become very exciting to the dog, and you can start to throw it and encourage the dog to fetch.

Start to do the training sessions on walks, with the dog on an extending lead. You could also try hiding the toy somewhere in the house or garden, rewarding your dog as before for finding it and bringing it to you. As your dog becomes better at this game, you should phase out the treats, but still give them occasionally to keep the interest going.

This game provides dogs with exercise and mental stimulation on walks, mimicking the natural activity of hunting.

2. Hunt the food. For this game, it is necessary to get away from the idea of feeding your dog from a bowl, at home. That is just too easy for lively dogs, requiring next to no effort on their part. For this game you need a small plastic container with a secure lid, which you can put several holes in. You will also need some kind of container for food, which you can easily carry, such as a belt bag. The only other things you need are a hungry dog with a good nose, and most of his or her daily ration of food.

With the dog on an extending lead, place a few pieces of food in the container with holes. Throw the container a very short distance away from you, then encourage the dog to sniff the box, using a simple command such as “find it!”.


When the dog shows an interest in the container, open the box and allow him or her to eat the contents. Gradually make it slightly more difficult, by throwing the box further away, and into more and more dense vegetation if possible. Once the dog has got the hang of this game, you can make it as difficult as you like, because he or she will know that when you shout “find it!”, that it will be worth spending time looking for the food.

Finally, a couple of tips. Try not to only attach the lead at the end of the walk, if your dog is difficult to get back on the lead. This indicates the end of the fun, so why should he or she cooperate. Call your dog several times, and attach the lead, giving a treat or toy as a reward, during the walk. After a short period on the lead, let the dog off again.

You could also try feeding a significant portion of the diet at the end of the walk, either when you get back to the car, or when you attach the lead in preparation for going home.

I hope these tips will help you and your dog to get more enjoyment out of going for walks.

Pre Anaesthetic Advice

If your Dog or Cat is due to have an operation or Procedure that requires a General Anaesthetic , We normally advise withholding food from 10 pm the night before the procedure , and withholding water from 7am on the morning of the Operation/Procedure.

Also it is sensible to take your Dog for a short walk before he/she comes in on the morning , as she may feel better having had a chance to go to the “loo”

If Your Pet Is diabetic , or has other serious medical issues , we will give specific advice to these Higher Risk patients

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/ Dry Eye

CKCS dry eye and episodic falling is a condition that can now be detected by mouth swabs for DNA testing.We at Lydon Veterinary Centre are one of the first practices in Birmingham to offer this service.

Please telephone us to book an appointment.

Christmas Hazards For Pets

Chocolate Poisoning:
The severity of poisoning depends principally on two things, obviously the amount of chocolate ingested but also the type of chocolate (i.e. milk or dark).

Grape Poisoning
Fruits of the Vitis vinifera (grapes, raisins, currants and sultanas) can, surprisingly, cause renal failure in dogs. Currently the mechanism of action remains unknown, as does the “toxic dose”.

This Christmas we had 2 dogs that stole the Christmas cake… We saw them promptly , administered drugs to cause vomiting , took blood samples to check kidney values before any possible damage , put the dogs on intra venous fluids for 48 hours and rechecked kidney function..

Luckily all appears well , the owners prompt action in calling us helped these 2 dogs avoid a major problem

Poisonous Plants
Mistletoe (Viscum album) – ingestion seems to result in retching, vomiting and salivation but occasionally weak- ness has been reported. The reports of this plant causing neurological signs probably refer to cases involving the plant the Americans call mistletoe (Phoradendron spp).
Poinsettia has a bad reputation, probably as it belongs to the Euphor- bia family. Although it is reported to be very toxic to cats, gastric irriration

Batteries .
Contain acid and can “burn’ mouth , face , oesophagus , stomach

Rabbits and Small Furries in Outside Hutches

When the weather gets really cold , these furry friends may benefit from a little extra insulation on their hutch , or even a pet safe microwaveable “hot water bottle”

Christmas Hazards ,Cold Weather and AntiFreeze

Just a quick reminder with the cold spell coming again , Antifreeze for your car tastes sweet , so your pet may drink it …BUT IT is Very poisonous..

Please Store this chemical very carefully

Christmas Hazards …on your Christmas tree .. look at Hazards as you would a year old baby.. so anything they could eat your pet could SWALLOW and get stuck inside

Poisonous Plants Poinsietta, Misiltoe especially  Berries,  Lilly Plants

Vaccine for Life Plan

We are the first practice in Birmingham to offer a Vaccine for Life Plan to all Dogs and Cats for Just £99. If your dog or cat has completed its puppy or kitten course , or is due for a booster, you can avail of the Vaccine for Life Plan for just £99.

As an incentive if your pets Booster is due , we will include your pets First yearly Booster in the promotional price of £99

For Dogs, All major diseases are covered apart from Kennel Cough/Parainfluenza/rabies

For Cats, Flu/ Enteritis & Leukaemia

detail see Vaccine for Life Plan

North Birmingham Cats Protection

Could you re-home a Kitten like this ?

We are the veterinary practice to the North Birmingham Branch of The Cats Protection  . All the cats they home are fully vaccinated , and at least one from a colony/ litter are tested for Feline Leukaemia AND Feline Immundeficiency Virus  before the kittens / cats are rehome , after a full veterinary check.

Some of these kittens come in as Fiery little fellows , but with the care , patience , and attention  they turn into every bodies dream kitten.

Please check their website for their latest arrivals

Their website http://www.northbirmingham.cats.org.uk/index.asp?m=hac

Perhaps you would like to give a kitten a home ?

Dog Neutering and Microchipping Promotion

If your pet is lost , its chances of being found are greater if it is microchipped!

Our Practice is offering Dog Owners FREE microchipping at the time of neutering , so a painless experience for you and your pooch!

Just ask the nurse when you are booking the operation
Our cats are not left out , we are offering reduced cost microchipping ,at neutering time for our pussy cats too ! (Just ask our Veterinary nurses to advise you)

Prescription Medicine for Pets

We are all aware that  our Doctor  will examine us prior to him prescribing medicine , and when we request a repeat prescription , he may allow us none/ one or several  repeat prescriptions , depending on the nature of the illness and the medicine involved .

Similarly, The laws relating to prescribing of veterinary  medicines(POM-V) are the same.

Some  medicines eg Routine wormers & flea control products we need to see the animal at least once a year .
All other medicines , the level of reassessment by our vets , and the number of repeat prescriptions are decided by the veterinary surgeon treating your pet. He/She decides the interval based on his /her clinical assessment of your pets condition.