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Pet Insurance

Making the Right Choice for You and Your Pet

In recent years veterinary medicine has become very sophisticated and vets are able to diagnose and treat many conditions that previously would have been undetected often with fatal consequences especially in the older pet. Treatment of cases can be expensive and exceed many hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds.

  • Each year one in three pets will require veterinary treatment
  • More people claim on pet insurance than any other form of insurance
    These days taking out pet insurance is as necessary as taking out holiday insurance!

To help you make your choice here are some points to consider when deciding which policy is best for you and your pet:

  • Always read the literature properly
  • Price may be the easiest way to compare policies but it is not always the best
  • Look at what your pet is covered for
  • What is the time limit for claims – many limit claims for an illness or injury to 12 months
  • Check that the policy covers chronic and recurrent conditions
  • What is the maximum benefit for an illness or injury – is it reinstated yearly?
  • Is your pet covered for life?

With many new pet insurance policies on the market it is important to make sure you get the best for your circumstances.

Talk to our staff – they are great source of advice.

We have always believed that Pet Plan is the gold standard for pet insurance , and you should compare all other policies to theirs.
You may go direct to the Pet Plan site  by clicking on the name