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RCVS Practice Standards Scheme

Yesterday , 22/1/2013 ,we had our inspection by an RCVS inspector for the Practice Standards Scheme. He was impressed by the practice and remarked ” you get a feel for a practice within 5 minutes” and ours was very favourable .

This is a great reassurance to you  the pet owner , knowing that your pet is been cared for in a Practice that meets the standard of the RCVS.

NOT ALL practices are inspected by RCVS. It is a voluntary scheme run by the RCVS to assist the pet owning public in choosing a practice that meets certain criteria (in ours .. 90 pages of regulations to assure the pet owner that your pet is cared for properly)

About RCVS

The RCVS is the regulatory body for veterinary surgeons in the UK. Its role is:

To safeguard the health and welfare of animals committed to veterinary care through the regulation of the educational, ethical and clinical standards of the veterinary profession, thereby protecting the interests of those dependent on animals and assuring public health.

To act as an impartial source of informed opinion on animal health and welfare issues and their interaction with human health.